Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Review: Clean Faced Cosmetics Zero Waste Cake Mascara

Hey earth muffins! When I wrote my review of Mad Hippie's Mineral Mascara last month, I referenced the other mascara that I use on a day-to-day basis and realized that I have not written a full review of it yet... I have been using a cake mascara from Clean Faced Cosmetics for a couple of years now, so I thought today would be a perfect day to share my thoughts! 😊

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What I Love:
*It is sustainable! This was one of the first switches I made when I started my green journey back in May 2018. The mascara comes in a metal tin, can be sent back to the Etsy seller to be refilled, and comes in zero waste packaging. I also use a powder from this shop (see the full review here!), and I love that the seller will ship a compostable bag of the product instead of using another tin.

*Made of only 4 ingredients - As you all know I try to keep the ingredient count down on all the products I use, as I'm not a fan of chemicals or putting things on my body that shouldn't really be there.... So I LOVE that this product is made with less than 5 ingredients!

*Good pigmentation and color - It is not super duper black (even though it is buildable if you want a dark black), which I love because I usually do a natural makeup look.

*Lasts all day and is easy to get off in the shower! I mentioned in my Mad Hippie mascara review that I didn't like how I had to actually try to get this mascara off in the shower. I love this Clean Faced Cosmetic mascara because it is easy to get off with just water but lasts all day long.

*It is multi-purpose - Because this mascara is in cake form, it allows it to be used as both a mascara, eyeliner, brow filler, and even eyeshadow! I typically just use it as mascara and eyeliner, which saves me from creating more waste than I need to! 👏

*Easy to apply! Cake mascara might seem harder to apply compared to those in tubes, but it is actually super simple - check out my tutorial here!

*Comes with a TON of product - Especially if you use a small amount each day like me, this product will last you a long time.

*Supports a local business - Laura, the lovely lady who owns the Etsy store, is from Grand Rapids, MI. I love that I am able to support a local Midwestern!

*Easy to sanitize! Mascara wands can get pretty nasty and collect bacteria, so I love to sanitize my cake mascara by spraying it with some rubbing alcohol every once in awhile. You definitely can do this with typical plastic containers!

What I Don't Love:
*A bit pricey - Compared to cheaper drugstore products (like elf, NYX, Wet n Wild, etc.) this mascara is more expensive... But for $16 (and usually the shop has some awesome sales!), it is definitely worth it!

*Learning curve - While applying cake mascara is easy, it will require you to learn how to do so if you have been using wand mascaras for your whole life. Not a big con, but I thought I would still add it to the list. 😬

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  1. I've always been so curious about this type of mascara but I've never been brave enough to take the plunge! Thank you for pointing out the good and not so good!


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