Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lent: What to Give Up

Hey cupcakes! I cannot believe it, but Lent is going to start in a few days! :O Being a Catholic, I have always tried to give something up during the 40+ days of Lent. However, I know that for a lot of people they don't really know what to give up, so I thought I would make a post with some suggests today! :) Let's get started!

1. YouTube - If you're like me, YouTube can be a huge distraction when I am procrastinating doing my homework. I gave up YouTube these past two years, and I can honestly say it allowed me to be more productive and focus on the more important things in life.
Image result for youtube logo
2. Your favorite unhealthy food - While this might sound basic, giving things up for Lent is supposed to strenghten your relationship with God as well as make you a better person. So, if you have a habit of eating too much of this food or drinking too much soda, etc. I totally suggest giving it up for Lent!

3. Do something instead - If you don't want to give something up, I suggest doing something everyday to replace it. This could be reading the daily Bible passage, daily rosary, prayers, etc.

4. Negative thoughts - I know it would be impossible to give up negative thoughts completely, but I totally recommend trying to be aware of how much you think negative things, judge people, etc. If you are aware of it, then you can try to minimize it, and I think that is a great outcome for Lent!
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5. Missing Church - Give up missing Church! I know a lot of people don't go every single week, so I totally recommend giving up skipping Church so that you can attend Mass each week during Lent.

6. A bad habit - If you bite your nails, etc., try giving it up for Lent (and hopefully you can break the habit by the time Lent is over!).

7. Social media - Social media can really stop you from living your life to the fullest because you are always tied to your phone and looking at what everyone else is doing. If you can give up social media during Lent, I think you will not only grow closer to God but also closer to your friends, family, and everyone else around you!
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What will you be giving up for Lent? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D

Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to Style: Ear Cuffs

Hey cupcakes! In my last post, I mentioned how I recently bought a pack of ear cuffs... I have really been digging the look, so I wanted to share with you all my favorite ways to rock different styles of ear cuffs! They personally make me feel confident and badass, so I hope you can experiment with them too! :)

1. Statement piece - If you search for ear cuffs on a lot of websites, you will totally see this really elaborate ones that are large and statement pieces (such as dragons, etc.). I totally recommend styling your ear cuff as your statement jewelry piece!

Image result for ear cuffs

2. Just another "piercing" - If you don't really want people to notice your new piece of jewelry, I would opt for a simple ring that looks just like a basic piercing. Still chic but totally wearable!

Image result for ear cuffs

3. Updo focus - If you have a simple or complex ear cuff that you really want to show off, wear your hair in a top knot so all attention goes to your ears! :)
Image result for ear cuff ponytail

4. Hidden - If you don't want to show off the ear cuff, wear your hair however you normally do and it can be your little secret! :P 
Image result for ear cuff  hair down

Will you try out the ear cuff trend? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D <3

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mini Collective Haul

Hey cupcakes! I have recently been spending too much freakin' money.... Oops.

Image result for spending money gif

Haha - I have put myself on a "no spend diet", so I thought I would make a post showing all of my recent purchases in memory of the lost money I've spent ;)

1. Hedgehog shirt - Wet Seal $8

Close up on the hedgehog!
Okay so Wet Seal is going out of business (omg sad!), so I stopped by the store in my local mall to see if they had anything I really liked. I started in the clearance section (like always) and immediately saw this shirt... IT HAS A HEDGEHOG ON IT GUYS (hurry and go buy one before they are sold out for good!)! I was so excited! They only have extra larges, but I bought that sucker anyway, and it looks super cute tied at the side. My new fav shirt for sure! :D

2. Ear cuff set - Rue21 $3

The other day Rue21 had free shipping no minimum, so I kinda went a little crazy (but the deals were amazingggg so how could I not?!)... I have been wanting some ear cuffs for the longest time, so when I saw this set of 6 for only $3 I couldn't pass it up! :)

3. Dinosaur hat - Rue21 $3

Guys, it's beautiful... That is all. ;)

4. Tank tops - Rue21 $2 each

In my last haul (here), I hauled this same tank in burgundy, and it became my new favorite top. So when I saw the same tank in different colors for only $2 I had to buy all the colors in my size! :P

5. Burgundy top - Rue21 $3

Burgundy is my favorite color to wear in the winter, and I have been digging the "lace up" shirts, so I just had to get this burgundy and lace up shirt!!!!! What a steal!

6. Black and white dress top - Forever21 $2.50

Okay, so I am a business major, so I always am looking for more business clothes to add to my growing collection. I was in Forever21, and I found this cute black and white dress tank top in the clearance section. The tag was ripped off and a handwritten tag was on it, so I assume it is from a past season or something? I thought it would look really cute under a blazer, and it turned out to only be $2.50! :D

Well, that's about it for the fashion items of my recent spendings! :P What have you purchased recently? Comment below and don't forget to follow! <3

Friday, February 17, 2017

Spring Break Ideas & Inspiration!

Hey cupcakes! So my Spring Break is just around the corner, and I cannot wait! Unfortunately, my parents are moving in a few months, so my Spring Break will basically be packing up everything with them. BUT, that is still going to be super fun because I get to spend time with them <3 However, I have been dreaming about where to go for my next vacation, so I thought I would suggest some fun things for you all to do over Spring Break! :D Let's get started!

1. Go to a city close to home - If you don't have tons of money to spare (cuz college is expensive y'all), I suggest spending a few days in a city close to home. You can take a train/Amtrak there and stay in an Airbnb to keep costs down too! :) There are so many free and fun things to do in a city, and it will be totally relaxing for you!
Image result for chicago

2. Road trip with all of your friends - Pick a route and hit the road! You can try to hit up as many states as possible or just stop at the weirdest things you see on the way! :P

Image result for road trip

3. Stay home for a week - I know this sounds lame, but I honestly love having a week off from school where I can hang out with my loved ones in my onesie without having to stress about exams and homework! Plus, you can visit all you favorite places in your hometown/catch up with old friends!

4. Go on a cruise - I have alwaysssss wanted to go on a cruise, and they aren't as expensive as you'd think they would be! Go with a huge group of friends, and you will totally have a blast!

Image result for cruise

5. Go on a "typical" Spring Break on a budget - There are tons of websites that can recommend cheap places for you to go on the basic Spring Break trip with friends! Make sure you stay safe and are careful if you go where there are lots of parties/people!

6. Research the weirdest thing close to your hometown and go there! - Lol, you'd be surprised on how fun going to see the world's largest shoe, etc. can be if you're with your family and/or friends! Plus, this is a way to make memories without breaking the bank!

Image result for world's largest boot

7. Save up and do something you have always wanted to do - Whether you have always wanted to see Justin Bieber in concert or see a Broadway musical, Spring Break is the perfect time to splurge a little and do something you have wanted to do for awhile! :) <3 You deserve the break!!!!!

What are your Spring Break plans? Comment below and don't forget to follow!! :D

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

5 "Date" Ideas for Valentine's Day

Hey cupcakes! Happy Valentine's Day! :D <3
Image result for valentines
I wanted to make a fun post today about some unique "date" ideas that you can try with your significant other or friends (because being single on Valentine's Day isn't a bad thing - it allows you to celebrate the holiday with those you love!). Let's get started!

1. Carnival/Amusement park - Who needs dinner and a movie when you can embrace your inner kid?! I think heading to a fun amusement park or carnival is an amazing way to celebrate the holiday... plus, it is super fun and inexpensive! :)

Image result for carnival date

2. Ice skating - It can be pretty chilly on Valentine's Day, so go ice skating in an indoor arena! This is super fun and romantic, so I think it is a unique thing to do for the holiday.

Image result for ice skating

3. Recreate your first date - While this might be more typical for the holiday, I think this is so romantic and cute! If you are celebrating with your friends, head to the first place you all hung out and laugh the night away as the memories return :)

4. Go to a unique performance - Have you always been wanting to go to an open mic night or samba dance class? Valentine's Day is the perfect night to try something new! :D

5. Have a spa night at home - If you don't want to deal with the millions of couples going out for Valentine's Day, have a stay at home spa night with peel off masks, massages, etc.! This can be a really great "Galentine's Day" as well!

Related image

What will you be doing for Valentine's Day??? Comment below and don't forget to follow me! I love you all, stay safe!
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

DIY: Origami Heart

Hey cupcakes! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so I wanted to make a fun post that will allow you to make your own origami heart Valentines for your friends, family, significant other, etc.! :) I am really terrible at origami, but these are actually super easy and so much fun to make! Let's get started! <3
Image result for origami heart

What You Need:
-Origami paper
-Any type of paper

What to Do:
1. If you are not using origami paper, fold the piece of paper over so that it makes a square. Use the scissors to cut off the rest.
Image result for how to make a piece of paper a square

2. Fold your piece of paper in half twice so that the two creases make an X, unfold.
3. Turn it so that the square looks like a diamond.
4. Take the top corner and fold it to the center of the diamond (this will NOT go to the bottom of the piece of paper!).
5. Now, take the bottom corner and fold it to the very top edge of the paper!
6. Taking the left side of the shape, fold the side over to line up with the center. Repeat with right side.
7. Fold the side two corners backwards.
8. Fold the top two points backwards.
9. Ta-da! A heart just for you! :D

I know those steps can seem a bit confusing when they are written out, so here is a nifty infographic:
Image result for origami heart

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?? Comment below and don't forget to follow me! <3

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How to Style: Hearts!

Hey cupcakes! Valentine's Day is almost here, and it seems like everywhere I look there are hearts, flowers, and adorable teddy bears! :) <3 I love the "heart season" in February, so I thought I would make a fun post about how you can style various heart printed fashion pieces... Let's get started!

Outfit 1: If you have a cute heart sweater, I think styling it very simply is key! Pair it with your fav pair of jeans and boots, and you will let the heart print stick out! :)

Outfit 2: I love this sweater with just two hearts on the elbows, and I think pairing it with a cute skirt would look absolutely adorable! <3

Outfit 3: For all of you who love the graphic sweatshirt trend (aka me), pairing a heart printed sweatshirt with leggings and boots is a super casual way to get into the holiday spirit!

How do you style your heart print fashion pieces? Comment below and don't forget to follow me!
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review: Sally Hansen Ouch-Relief Wax Strip Kit

Hey cupcakes! Today I will be talking about something a little more personal: PUBIC HAIR!

Image result for pubic hair gif

Lol, if you are uncomfortable with the topic, then I suggest you don't read the rest of this post... but honestly guys, everyone has it so why not discuss it? :P Anywayssssss, I am pretty hairy in the "nether regions" and have been trying to find a way to get rid of the hair between my legs. Shaving is totally counter productive because the hair just grows back faster and thicker, and I totally do not want to spend a TON of money on going to get waxed at a salon.... Sooooo I recently decided to try out an "at home" waxing kit called Salley Hansen's Ouch-Relief Wax Strip Kit.

Image result for sally hansen ouch relief wax strip kit
Here's what I thought:

1. I'm pretty positive the "ouch relief" wipes that come in the kit do nothing to relieve the pain (at least in the bikini zone)... It honestly wasn't as painful as everyone always makes it seem to be, but then again I only waxed between my legs and didn't do the full Brazilian so who knows.... But, it will hurt for sure so just get used to the idea (and as you continue, it gets more tolerable)

Image result for bikini wax gif

2. The wax strips are pretty big, so I would recommend cutting them into smaller strips to make them more manageable!!!

3. The wax will probably not warm up if you rub it between your hands like the instructions tell you to do... I stuck the strips on my heater to warm up and then took them off when I used them!

4. The wax does actually take most of the hair off! This kit actually has very bad reviews, but I found that it did what it needed to do (mind you, using small strips and taking a lot of time!). If there are some hairs left, I would recommend plucking them! 

5. Make sure you rip off the wax fast and with power! Don't chicken out because then it won't work!!! If you are comfortable with one of your friends seeing the downstairs, I would recommend you waxing each other so you get the job done faster.

6. The area I waxed did get a bit irritated, but after exfoliating it and moisturizing, the redness goes down overnight. 

7. Wax after the shower to open up the pores!!!! This will make it less painful :)

8. I don't know if this is just me, but I find it super duper satisfying to look at all the hair that I ripped off my body :P

9. This kit actually comes with a lot of strips! I only used 3 of the double sided sheets, which means I have plenty more that I can use when the hair grows back! 

10. DON'T WAX YOUR NETHER REGION UNLESS YOU WANT TO! I totally tried this out only because I enjoy having no hair in certain parts of my body. Everyone has pubic hair, so EMBRACE IT! Do what YOU want to do with it! :D <3

Overall, this kit wasn't as bad as the reviews said it was, but I bet there are better kits out there that will do a better job! :P 

Thanks for reading about pubic hairrr! ;) Comment your thoughts down below (lol - no pun intended) and don't forget to follow me! <3

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Recipe: Poppy Seed Dressing

Hey cupcakes, I hope everyone is having a great start to February! :D I can't believe that the first month of 2017 is already over!!!! Surprisingly, I have been eating a lot healthier and sticking to my New Year's Resolution! <3 I eat a salad at least once a day, so I thought I would tell you all how to make my absolute favorite dressing: Poppy Seed! This dressing is totally unique and has a sweet yet tangy flavor to it. I totally recommend you try it!!! :)

Image result for poppy seed dressing
What You Need:
-⅓ cup red wine vinegar
-1 tsp. Dijon mustard
-1 ½ tbl. Poppy seed
-½ cup sugar
-1 cup canola oil

What To Do:
1. Combine vinegar, sugar, and mustard in a bowl.
2. Slowly whisk in canola oil. 
3. Stir in poppy seeds! 
4. Ta-da! The dressing will be a purply color because of the red wine vinegar, and it is so yummy!!!

What is your favorite dressing for salads? Comment below and don't forget to follow me! <3
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