Monday, August 7, 2017

What I Learned Being a Camp Counselor

Hey cupcakes, I only have a couple more weeks left of being a camp counselor! :) It is going to be sad (but also happy) when camp gets done for the summer, so I wanted to inspire some of my followers to think about being counselors next summer by sharing everything I have learned from this experience. While I will be living it up at an accounting internship next summer, the memories I have made at camp will always stay with me. :D Let's jump right into it!

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1. It is more than just a job - While you can make basically the same amount of money working in retail or fast food, being a camp counselor is more than just showing up, working, and getting paid. You are going to have a monumental influence on the kids that come to camp. Even if you don't work for a camp that specifically targets low income families (like I did these past couple of summers), you are still going to be a huge part of their summer. They are going to look up to you as a role model, and it is so amazing to be priviledged enough to impact the campers in a postive way (especially if they don't have that at home).

2. It is not easy - Camp can be rough. There will be 90 + degree weather, vomit, blood, friend drama, etc. etc. so being a camp counselor definitely requires you to be ready and have energy every single day.

3. It is what you make of it - Even with camp being difficult at times (see 2 haha), camp is honestly what you make of it. If you aren't having a good time or participating in any of the activities, none of the kids will have fun and will make your life miserable by misbehaving. The campers will like the counselors who aren't lazy and play with them the best. Have fun at camp!!! :)

4. You are going to see sad things - Especially working in a camp for low income families, as a camp counselor you will see sad things (and sometimes even have to report things to the state). I've seen kids with not enough food for lunch, kids who are beaten at home, so many divorced/feuding parents, parents not even in the picture, etc. Again, you are a role model to these kids!!

5. It keeps you on your toes - Every single day of camp will be different! The camps I have worked at put on different activities every day, but even if you have the same schedule all summer each day will bring something new. You definitely must stay on your toes as a camp counselor!!

6. It is actually really good for a resume - Being a camp counselor allows you to put so many transferable skills on your resume!!!! Not only are you a leader and role model for the kids, but the job itself is so relatable to people who may interview you for future positions. I have been to numerous interviews where the interviewer goes into conversation about their favorite camp stories as a camp counselor and totally understands what hard work it is!

7. You will have so many amazing memories by the end of the summer! - Camp is hard, but you will make so many great memories working as a camp counselor. You get to meet some amazing kids (who say literally the funniest things sometimes!) and even other awesome counselors. It is definitely a job I would recommend to anyone :)

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Were you ever a camp counselor? If so, what did you learn from the experience? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake!

Jenna <3

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