Saturday, September 16, 2017

My Go-To Study Playlist

Hey cupcakes! Now that the school year has begun, I (unfortunately) have to do homework and study. But, studying comes with a perk: good tunes! I thought I would share my favorite study music with you all, to inspire you whenever you study. Enjoy! :)

So as a quick note, I like to study to music without words (just because the words distract me or I'll sing along). If you haven't tried this out, I would totally recommend! :)

1. The Princess Bride soundtrack - The soundtrack to The Princess Bride is amazing and so calming when I am studying! It is one of my favorite movies, so it of course is one of my fav soundtracks to study to. ;)

Image result for princess bride soundtrack
A Happy Ending is my fave!

2. Swan Lake music - Aside from movie soundtracks, ballet music is so much fun to listen to while I study. It allows me to enjoy some great classical music as I learn.

3. La La Land soundtrack - Some of the songs on this soundtrack are a little too upbeat for me, but I love Mia and Sebastian's theme and the Planetarium song :D So peaceful and pretty!

4. John Williams music - John Williams has some amazing music under his belt!!!!! I don't think I have ever listened to a song composed by him that I haven't liked, so I would recommend checking out some of his greatest hits (I especially love the music from Star Wars and Jurassic Park)!

Image result for john williams soundtracks

5. How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack - This might seem random, but the film score for this movie is so so SO relaxing!

Image result for how to train your dragon soundtracks

Spotify definitely has some great music to listen to while studying, so I would recommend checking it out whenever you get the chance! :)

What music do you listen to while studying? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake!


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