Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The 5 Benefits of Drinking Water

Hey cupcakes! As I write this post, I am feeling really really sick (which totally sucks). Normally my immune system is awesome, but I haven't been drinking my normal amounts of water... I thought it would be fun to write a quick post about the benefits of drinking water. Let's get started! :)

1. Increases energy - Even though I am in college, I drink water instead of coffee. I find that water allows me to keep my energy up during the day (because you are basically fueling your insides with what it is made of).

2. Keeps your body healthy/boosts immune system - (Haha how ironic!) By drinking lots of water, you are able to flush out toxins and bad things in your system, keeping you healthy!

3. Keeps skin clear - I used to get bad acne in middle school, but I found that drinking a lot of water during the day helped alleviate the larger zits!

4. Allows you to be in a positive mood! - If your skin is clear, energy is high, and body isn't sick, what isn't there to be happy about???? Water is a great indirect way to get rid of negativitiy.

5. Saves money - Instead of buying soda, coffee, tea, etc. water saves me a lot of money! It is basically free everywhere you go, so enjoy it!

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See how much water you should be drinking! 

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  1. What a great post! I try and drink so much water as possible since it does wonders inside and out!!
    a life of a charlotte

    1. I totally agree - drinking water has definitely changed my health and lifestyle! :)

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