Friday, October 13, 2017

How To Style: Autumn Colors

Hey cupcakes! There are many different colors that are "in" for this season, so I wanted to make a lookbook today featuring my three favorites: burnt orange, army green, and burgundy. These colors remind me so much of fall, so I absolutely love how trendy they are right now!

Outfit 1 (Burnt Orange) - To embody this fall color I went for a classic autumn outfit: a sweater and jeans! I paired this simple outfit with some really cute boots, so this outfit is super easy to recreate.

Outfit 2 (Army Green) - I have always been a fan of army green, so I wanted to feature this gorgeous jacket in this outfit. Because the jacket is the star of the show, the plaid shirt won't really been seen much (but it just adds another great touch of fall!). Pair it with some black leggings and knee high boots and your outfit is ready to go!

Outfit 3 (Burgundy) - I think burgundy goes well with denim, so I paired this shirt with a jean jacket. Add some black pants and some cute Keds/Converse, and the outfit is complete :)

What is your favorite color trend this season? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake!



  1. I absolutely love these outfits! Fall fashion is my favourite :)

    1. Thanks, Shannon! I am also a big fan of fall fashion - it is a great season!
      -Jenna <3


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