Friday, December 1, 2017

Blogmas Day 1: My Winter Bucketlist!

Hey cupcakes! TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF BLOGMAS! :D Are you excited (cuz I'm excited)?! While it hasn't really snowed much on my campus, I have a lot of really fun things planned to do this winter. I thought I would share my winter bucketlist with you all to start this Blogmas off right - enjoy!

1. Build a snow-family

Image result for snow family

Snowmen are a tradition in my family, so I totally want to build a whole bunch of snow-people this winter. Hopefully there is a lot of packing snow! :)

2. Ice skate!
I wanted to ice skate last winter, but I never had time to do it. I have always loved ice skating, so it is definitely a must this year!

3. Learn to make a new holdiay cookie

Image result for holiday cookies

I feel like every family has traditional cookies they make in the holiday season (my family makes Italian sugar cookies every year), but I want to experiment in the kitchen this winter and learn how to make a new cookie. :) Any suggestions?

4. Take a picture on Santa's lap (or maybe just with him as that could be awkward)
Fun fact: I was scared of Santa as a child. Lol - I would literally write him letters to not come in my room on Christmas Eve, and my mom could NEVER get me to sit on his lap. I want to finally face my fear and take a picture with Santa this year because I feel like it would be a hilarious joke :P

5. Go caroling

Image result for caroling

I used to go caroling with my friends as a child, so I totally want to do this again! It is such a fun holiday thing to do, and it definitely spreads holiday cheer. :D

6. Have a holiday movie marathon
My family likes to watch a lot of holiday movies, so I think it would be so fun to put on a onesie and watch movies all night with some hot cocoa and cookies.

7. Drive around and look at all the Christmas lights

Image result for christmas lights

One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing all the lights of a city at night, so I definitely need to drive around my city and campus to see all of the decorations. It always puts me in the spirit!

8. Build a gingerbread house
Two years ago my boyfriend told me he had never built a gingerbread house before, so we had built one together for the past two holidays. I want to build one again this year! :)

What is on your winter bucketlist? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a Blogmas post! :D

Jingle Jenna <3

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