Saturday, December 16, 2017

Blogmas Day 16 - Gift Giving Guide: For Siblings

Hey cupcakes! Here is the next post for my mini Gift Giving Guides series (read the last post here)! :D If you have siblings, here are some present ideas that are perfect for the holidays!

1. Box of Fav Foods

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I find that my siblings love to receive a box of their favorite treats, snacks, and foods! This can be holiday themed (like hot chocolate, cookies, etc.) or just a collection of their favorite snacks. They will definitely love it!

2. Matching necklaces

Image result for matching necklaces sisters

If you have sisters, buy a set of matching necklaces so you can all wear them together! :) This is a great gift, and reminds you of your sibling if you don't live in the same place.

3. Mug and "Warm Beverages Kit"

Image result for mug sibling

To make the holidays special, make your sibling a festive "Warm Beverages Kit". This contains a mug/travel mug (can be customized if you want!), coffee/tea/hot chocolate, marshmallows, cute tea strainer, etc. Gives you both an excuse to chat by the fireplace together!

4. Favorite book/movie and a blanket

Image result for fuzzy blanket
My siblings all love to read, so I love picking out a special book for them and also a warm, fuzzy blanket! If your sibling isn't much of a reader, you can also buy them their favorite movie (or a movie they have always wanted to see).

What are you getting your sibling(s) for Christmas? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post during Blogmas! :D

Jingle Jenna <3

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