Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Blogmas Day 5 - Anxiety Journey Part 2!

Hey cupcakes! Last month I made a post talking about my goals for dealing with my anxiety (read that post here). I wanted to quickly write an update for each of these goals, to keep you all informed and raise awareness for those of you who may also struggle with anxiety. :)

1. Learning deep breathing/meditation - In all honestly, I haven't done much with this goal so far. My overthinking before bed is still a problem, but I haven't gotten around to it. Now that I am writing this, I definitely want to start learning for my January update!

2. Finding the right smells - This has been going well! I have found two things that really make me feel relaxed in my dorm room: lemon essential oil (from Maple Holistics) I talked about in my post last month and the Almond candle from Bath and Body Works. These scents are soothing to me, and I hope to find more throughout this journey!

Image result for almond candle bath and body works

3. Finding an artistic way to fight it - While I haven't been doing any drawing or painting, I have been working in my bullet journal often, and this has helped a bit. I also got a fidget bracelet/spinner thing from a free stress event I went to, and it is pretty awesome! I totally recommend getting one!

Image result for fidget toys
4. Keeping you all updated - I am writing this post, so I feel like I am completing this goal! ;) Overall, my anxiety hasn't been too bad, but finals are coming up... Which means it will be getting worse. Keep an eye out for my update next month! 

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Jingle Jenna <3

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