Wednesday, March 21, 2018

DIY: HUGE Paper Flowers

Hey cupcakes! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day :D I have lowkey been OBSESSED with making paper flowers for my wall recently, so I thought I would share this easy DIY with you all (especially with spring on the way). I think it is a super cute way to add decor to your wall (without spending any money!), so let's get started!

What You Need:
-Paper (duh): the amount you need will depend on how big/small you make your flower, so I would have plenty of th e color(s) you want! You can either use colored paper or white paper that you color!
How to make paper petal flowers for 5 de Mayo! #paperflowers
-Petal template (optional but makes the proceess way easier)

What To Do:
1. Figure out how large you want your flower to be. If you want, make a template for the large petal and small petal.
2. Trace each template (or free hand) to make 6-8 large petals and 6-8 small petals. Make them as equal as possible!
3. Cut out a larger circle for the base/back of the flower and a smaller circle for the inside of the flower.
4. Cut a slit up the bottom of each petal.
5. Roll the petal over the pencil to make the end rounded :)
6. Starting with the large petals, cross the ends to make an X with the slit and tape to the base. Repeat this until all the large petals are in place.
7. Repeat step 6 with the small petals until all the petals have been taped to the base.
8. Tape the inner circle and you are good to go!

I have 7 huge paper flowers on my wall right now, and I have plans to make some even larger ones over the summer to decorate my apartment. :) There are so many designs you can make, so definitely check out Pinterest for more inspiration!

Do you like paper flowers as room decor? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a DIY! :D

Crafty Jenna

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