Monday, March 19, 2018

Women Who Inspire Me

Hey cupcakes! In honor of Women’s History Month, I thought I would make a post today writing about some of my favorite women from history. There are so many amazing women from history, so this list barely scratches the surface… Let me know which women you would add to the list in the comments!

Hatshepsut - I have loved Ancient Egyptian history my whole life, and I have always admired the fact that women in Ancient Egypt had actual power (and could even rule as pharaoh)! Hatshepsut had the longest reign out of all the other female pharaohs, and she definitely accomplished a lot. I read a book a while ago about the hunt for her mummy, so check out my post about it if you are interested!

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Julie Andrews - I think she is a QUEEN (even though she doesn’t actually rule the small country of Genovia). She is such an inspiration to me, and she acts in some of my favorite movies

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Enheduanna - Even though no one usually knows about her, she was the first poet in history! I find it amazing that she was a female, who had extreme power as early as the 23rd century BCE. Girl power for sure!

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Margaret Hamilton - She led the team that developed the software of the Apollo missions. Basically, Apollo 11 would have never made it to the moon without her work (so if you want to go into a STEM field she is an amazing inspiration)!

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Mary Read and Anne Bonny - Um, women pirate are awesome :D I love how they were able to gain power (and fear from men) when women didn’t have many rights.

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Susan B. Anthony - It still blows my mind that women couldn’t vote until 1920… And Susan B. Anthony had a huge role in changing this for all women!

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Sarah Breedlove (aka Madame CJ Walker) - The first female self-made millionaire in history (who made her fortune when African Americans were still slaves!). Her story amazed me when I heard about it in one of my business classes, so I would recommend checking it out. :)

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Who would you add to this list? Comment below and don’t forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post! <3


P.S. You are amazing - so go change the world! <3


  1. What a wonderful post! I loved reading about these strong ladies and what they mean to you.

  2. wow I love this. I had no idea about most of them and I got really interested in some stories. great post :)

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