Monday, April 2, 2018

Anxiety Journey Part 4

Hey cupcakes! I hope everyone had an amazing Easter yesterday :) To start off the month of April, I thought I would share my anxiety update with you (since OOPS I forgot to do so in March). Let's get started!

1. Learning deep breathing/meditation - As I mentioned in February's Anxiety Journey post, I started taking a mindfulness class this semester. I still love this course, and it really forces me to take time for myself each week. Each day we start the class with some sort of mindfulness (meditation, coloring, breathing, etc.), and it is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to my other classes. :)

2. Finding the right smells - Honestly, I have been trying SO hard to spend time outside! Even though some days the weather isn't that nice, I try to at least open my window to get some fresh spring air into my room. I love the smells of spring/rain/sunshine, so I think that has kept my anxiety down.

Image result for spring

3. Finding an artistic way to fight it - I have been using my bullet journal a lot these past months (mostly because I used it for tracking my Lenten prayers, fastings, etc.), and I love it! I have been doing a little coloring and also found a Solitaire app for my laptop that I love. :)  In my February update, I mentioned that I would be giving up all social media during Lent, and I am proud to say that I didn't go on social media AT ALL thorughout Lent. I will be writing a post all about it in the next few days, so look forward to that for sure!!!! :D

4. Keeping you all updated - Lol, I forgot last month... Ooops. But at least I remembered now! My anxiety has been manageable, but finals are coming up... So I hope I am able to keep my stress levels down!

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