Sunday, April 22, 2018

Movie Commentary: La La Land

Hey cupcakes! I have been wanting to do a post like this for soooo long, and I finally got around to doing it while watching one of my fav movies... La La Land! :D Let's get watching!

1. "Another Day of Sun" is a bop. I wish traffic was actually like this...
Image result for another day of sun gif


3. How did that guy not see Mia before dumping all of his coffee on her?

4. These audition people are rudeeeeeee

5. She put that towel on in like 3 seconds that is goals. Pure goals.

6. How do four wanna-be actresses afford this nice apartment?!But also... yas girlsss
Image result for someone in the crowd gif

7. I hope no one has their phones in their pockets before they just jump in the pool willy-nilly.

8. Mia and Sebastian's theme will never NOT make me get butterflies in my stomach <3

9. I love how Sebastian stalks a building :P (Poor Van Beek)

10. "I'm letting life hit me until it gets tired" Lol relatable 

11. Ryan did all his piano playing himself - talenttttt

12. "There's a nicer way to say that KAREN" lol

13. People act like they have never heard jazz before... don't be so shocked people. Seb is just doing his thing (and his carols were so sarcastic it was hilarious).
Image result for seb playing la la land

14. "Lady why you be trippin' like that" -Unenthusiastic audition lady. I'm dead :P

15. THIS SCENE MAKES THE MOVIE (Mia's dancing/"serious firefighter" + Seb's "curt"/putting on his sunglasses are the bestttt)

16. TAP SHOES WOULD GET SO RUINED ON CONCRETE NOOOOO - but "it's wool" is a classic line from "A Lovely Night" haha

17. Seb walked her all the way to her car when his was like right out front of the party aw. 

18. "Can I hide in the bathroom" haha amazing

19. "As long as it's PURE jazz".... Asking Mia on a date for "research" is so smoothhhhh

20. I love how Seb just starts dancing with a random lady and her husband is like WTF
Image result for city of stars gif

21. Ahhhh the awkwardness of forgetting her date with Greg


23. Why this date is the cutest:
       -Seb stands when Mia gets there
       -The whole hand holding is so relatable
       -Their kiss is interrupted by the film getting messed up haha 
Image result for hand holding la la land

24. The soundtrack song "Planeterium" is so gorgeous!! (Plus they finally kiss during it aw cute)

25. Lol - Seb's honking is hilarious. What a great signature move :P

26. Their dating montage is so cuteeeeee :D (I also love how they wear their tap shoes everywhere)
Image result for la la land dating montage

27. Keith's mustard shirt is the most hideous thing about this movie. 
Image result for la la land keith

28. I love how he literally wants to call his jazz club Chicken on a Stick :P

29. Seb's confused face when he first hears The Messengers' music is how I react to most of the stuff that happens in my life haha. 

30. Mia's whole wardrobe is bomb.

31. Mia's reaction to "Start a Fire" is also how I react to most of the things life throws at me :P

32. The fire alarm going off and the record stopping right at the end of their argument makes it hurt my heart even more :'(

33. SEB just SKIP the photo shoot my god your relationship depends on ittttt don't be a jerkkkkk

34. (Lol but that photographer is hilarious... "Bit your lip like you're concentrating" :P)

35. UGH my heart would also break if only that many people showed up poor Mia

36. The old man throwing a book at Seb is my fav character. Stick it to him old man - he deserves it!

37. "How did you find me" "The house in front of the library" AW 

38. What an audition; you rock Mia!

39. "I'm always gonna love you" AAHHHH no my heart... not the break up scene! :( 
Image result for la la land mia ending


41. My heart still breaks when her husband isn't Seb ahhhhh whyyyyy?!!? Why did you pick that average old man over hottie Ryan?!?!? 

Image result for la la land mia ending

43. POOR SEB: "Welcome to Seb's" NO
Related image

44. Hmmmm I wonder what song he will play??

45. As someone who used to play the trumpet, I appreciate that high note in the "flashbacks"

46. And to hurt my heart even more the flashbacks of what "could be" are just so darn cute. Like Mia and Seb make a wonderful family (even though she does look like a minion in her yellow shirt and overalls) :''''''''''(

47. You always think there is hope that it has all been a trick until it cuts back to reality with AVERAGE FRICKIN OLD MAN :(

48. But at least they both got their dreams.
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