Saturday, June 23, 2018

Setting Up a New Planner 101

Hey cupcakes! After a year and a half of bullet journaling, it was time for me to switch back into a regular planner. While bullet journaling was super fun for me (read Bullet Journaling 101 if you need ideas!), I got so busy the last couple of months which have led to some really bland and sad spreads. To give myself more time to still be creative without having to make spreads from scratch, I think a planner is perfect for me right now. :) I purchased this cute planner from Target for only $9!

It runs from June 25th, 2018 to June 30th, 2019, so I thought I would write a fun post today sharing with you all how I got my planner set-up to use (as I switch from using my bullet journal in only two days!) :) Let's get started!

1. Create a cover - I picked this planner because it was the same exact size as my bullet journal, and you can create your own cover for it! While the scalloped design is pretty cute, I thought it would be super fun to change out the cover with the season. This will ensure my planner is still unique! Here is my current summer cover... It kind of looks like it's in memory of the lemon so I might have to make a new one haha.

2. Fill out info. and contacts pages - It is important to have a phone number or email in your planner just in case you lose it :) I also like to have the addresses and phone numbers of the people closest to me in it (parents, siblings, boyfriend, grandparents, etc.) for whenever I am mailing them something. Most planners usually have pages for these things.

3. Mark all important birthdays! - I had a page specifically for a list of all birthdays in my bullet journal, so this was super easy for me. I like to mark birthdays in the monthly calendars with words, and then also in the weekly spreads with cake stickers. With this method I never forget any b-days!

4. Add stickers for holidays - Holidays in planners are usually marked already, but I like to add stickers on the monthly and weekly spreads to make them a little more exciting.

5. Go through old bullet journal/planner and add anything already planned - I feel like this is a pretty obvious way to set up a new planner... :P But I like to add my work schedule and any other appointments in the monthly spread.

6. In weekly spread, mark all recurring things in first month of planner (in this case July) - I do this at the end of each month for the upcoming month to ensure I don't forget something that typically always happens. For me, these include: "go to church","post on blog", and "shave legs" (haha - does anyone else plan out their shaving schedule?)

7. Also in the weekly spread, add any other to-dos for the first week or two - Since my planner starts in two days, I went ahead and figured out what I need to do the first week and added any to-dos

What a weekly spread looks like in my planner!
8. Sticker-fy the first monthly spread! - Nothing beats starting out a planner with a cute monthly spread! I love adding quotes, stickers, and doodles to mine... For July, I kept it pretty simple with some 4th of July themed stickers :)

What else do you do to set up your new planners? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another planner post!



  1. My planner is honestly so important to me, so I love this post. Stickers are an absolute must :)

    1. I totally agree with the stickers - I own two huge folders full of stickers (I even put myself on a sticker ban until I use them up haha). :)
      -Jenna <3

  2. I am so bad when it comes to journaling haha! This post has some great ideas though, love the lemon drawing!

    Lily Loves |
    Lily Loves |

    1. Aww thanks so much - I agree; some people just aren't into journaling but that is totally okay!
      -Jenna <3

  3. omg so cute!
    check out my brand new post at


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