Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Storytime: Attacked by a BIRD?!

Hey cupcakes! The last time I did a storytime post was months ago (wow!), so I figured I owed it to all my loyal readers to share another hilarious story from my life... Unfortunately for me, this one took place quite recently... Let's get started!

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^All of you when reading about my life :P
So, the apartment complex I am staying at has two different parking lots. One is right next to the building (and tends to fill up quickly) while the other is across the street. I had gone to the grocery store the previous night, so by the time I got back, I had to park in the further lot.

The next morning, I had plans to go to church (as it was a Sunday). I got up, made breakfast, got dressed in a cute sundress, braided my hair, and finished getting ready - the typical morning in my life. After grabbing my keys and purse, I headed out the door.

This particular Sunday was gorgeous - I totally didn't mind that I had to walk a bit further to get to the second parking lot. There are two beautiful trees on each side of this lot's driveway, so I was just enjoying nature as I continued to walk to my car.

About halfway to my vehicle, I felt a rush of air pretty dang close to my head. I turned around and saw a bird land on the ground and then turn to swoop at me again.

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^Basically my new fear

I started walking a bit faster (because who wants to feel threatened by a bird) and THE BIRD SWOOPED AGAIN AND LANDED ON MY HEAD. Like I felt it CLAW MY SCALP.

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My first thought: Yell at it (wtf are you Cinderella?! The bird can't understand you!)

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What I actually did: Scream and run the rest of my way to my car - lol.

Overall, the bird didn't do much damage (other than forcing me to redo part of the braid I had done in my hair), but I REFUSE to park in that lot anymore. Honestly, I was more offended than anything that a bird would choose to attack me (cuz I think I look pretty harmless haha) I'm assuming there is a nest in one of those trees, but I ain't risking it... Morale of the story: blackbirds can be very aggresive.

Have you ever been attacked by a bird? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a storytime post! ;)

Jenna (aka Enemy of Birds)


  1. I would totally scream and run toooo! Geez this sounds bad ahah hope you're okay and all love xx I have been attacked by a bird but it was a long time ago ... I still vividly remember it though haha it was rather scary


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