Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Birth Control: How to Set Up/Use the Femometer!

Hey cupcakes! If you read the first post in my Birth Control series (which you definitely should read here if you haven't), you will know that I recently started the Basal Body Temperature method to track my ovulation cycle. For this second post, I wanted to share my experiences with setting up and using the Femometer in case you are looking to start tracking your own temperatures using a similar device. :) Let's jump right into it!

So, after unboxing my Femometer, I went on the app store and downloaded the app.

I love how sleek the logo is (plus people won't know what it is if they see my phone)! 

To set up your Femometer, you have to go through some very easy steps:
1. Open the app. It will prompt you to make an account. As well as making a username and password, the app will ask you questions about your typical period (such as average period length, etc.).
2. Now you get to pair your actual Femometer device to the app:

  • Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is on! 
  • Open the thermometer (make sure it beeps once)
  • On the home screen of the app, click the little thermometer icon on the top left and follow the instructions.

  • It takes about 5 seconds for it to pair and then you are all set (it will remember the device if you turn off the Bluetooth on your phone too, which I love!)
With your device paired, you are all set to start tracking your temperatures. Hooray! I started tracking about two week ago on Sunday, September 2nd, and it is super duper easy! 

How To Track:
1. Take your temperature FIRST THING in the morning - do not get up, look at your phone, etc. To get more accurate results, you should also try to track at around the same time each day. I find it best to leave my Femometer on my bedside table, so I can reach for it right when I wake up :)

2. Open the thermometer (make sure it beeps!)

3. Place it in your mouth; my fav spot = under the right side of my tongue.

4. When you hear three consecutive beeps, the reading is complete! *Note: for the very first reading, this may take up to three minutes, but it takes less than a minute for all days after that!*

5. Close the thermometer (it will beep again!). 

6. To transfer the data, open the app and it will automatically sync your data (if Bluetooth is on). 

What I Think So Far:
-It is SO easy to use! The beep system is super helpful and doesn't require me to actually look/remember a number each morning.
-I found it very easy to integrate into my morning routine. After a couple days, it just becomes a habit. When reaching to turn off my alarm, I just grab my Femometer!
-It isn't a huge time commitment, which I love.
-I can already see the results! You can add all of your past period data into the calendar and there is a chart that updates each day so that you can visually see your temperature changes. I am super excited to continue to use this, so look forward to another Birth Control post at the month mark!

What do you think about temperature tracking? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post!

Jenna <3

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