Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Why the Salvation Army is the BEST Thrift Store

Hey cupcakes! As you could probably tell from my HUGE Collective Thrift Store Haul post, I went thrifting a lot this summer :) After deciding to live a lower waste lifestyle, I realized that you can buy some amazing clothes at the thrift store without buying new clothes that have a negative impact on the planet. Now that I am back at school, I haven't been able to thrift much... So, in order to subdue my longing haha, I decided to share why the Salvation Army is my favorite place to thrift.

1. Fair prices - Out of all the thrift stores I have frequented, Salvation Army (at least in my area) has the most fair prices. Even if you find new and like new items, there is only like a dollar or two difference compared to other clothes in the same section. I have noticed that stores like Goodwill and Plato's Closet can have higher prices for the same types of clothes, which makes the Salvation Army much better for my wallet! :)

2. Organized by color - The Salvation Army near me is organized by color... I LOVE this! It allows me to find items in the shades of the season. Some people would rather the store be organized by size, but as I mentioned in my Thrift Shopping Tips & Tricks post, sizes don't really matter in thrift stores. Also, I have been in a Salvation Army that organized by color AND size, which is the best of both worlds.

3. Easy layout - The Salvation Army always has long racks with items organized by type (such as short sleeve shirts, long skirts, etc.). Again, this makes it easier to find the specific clothes I am looking for.

4. Fitting rooms - While other thrift stores sometimes have fitting rooms, the Salvation Army always seems to have a lot of them. I have never had to wait to try on anything, which is a bonus! :)

5. Do good for the community - I worked for the Salvation Army and have a family friend who is a Salvation Army pastor, so I know just how much they do for the community... It is honestly incredible! A lot of the store workers are volunteers (unlike Goodwill), which allows them to use almost all of their money for the poor. I personally never shop at Goodwill because their profits don't always go to the right places, so I would recommend doing some research on the thrift stores around you to make purchases at the best companies.

6. Music! - Maybe this is a regional thing, but my Salvation Army plays the best music! The last time I walked into the store they were blaring "Honey, Honey" from Mamma Mia - yes please!

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Jenna <3

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  1. We don't have thrift shops in the UK but I imagine they're similar to our charity shops. I visted our local Salvation Army store frequently along with Scope (which is for disabled people) and Sue Ryder (which is for care homes and vulnerable people).


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