Friday, November 30, 2018

Beauty: How to Apply Cake Mascara

Hey cupcakes! As you saw in my Lower-Waste Living: Makeup Essentials post, I now use a cake mascara due to my journey towards zero waste. :) Cake mascara avoids plastic, doesn't allow bacteria to grow in your makeup (which does happen in wand mascaras), and is super convenient when traveling! I wanted to write a quick post sharing with you all how I use a cake mascara, just in case any of you also want to switch over... Let's jump right into it!

Step 1: Locate some cake mascara. I bought mine on Etsy for around $15 from CleanFacedCosmetics. I love it because it can be used as a mascara AND eyeliner!

Step 2: Figure out what mascara wand you will be using. Some cake mascaras come with brushes, but I wanted to use a brush from one of my favorite mascaras. After cleaning it, I trimmed it down a bit and also bent it to an angle to make the application process easier.

Step 3: Open your cake mascara. Make sure you know if you need water to apply it or not (mine you do not need water!).

Step 4: If you don't need any water, dip your mascara brush into the cake mixture and apply to your eyelashes. If you do need water, put a couple of drops of water in the mixture and mix around before dipping.

Step 5: Let each layer dry and repeat as needed to get the coverage you want. :)

Step 6: Enjoy wearing your cake mascara!

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Jenna <3


  1. I've never heard of cake mascara!! This is so intriguing, and I might have to try it someday. I am very picky about my mascara as I like my lashes a specific way, but this is certainly something I'm interested in x

  2. This was so so interesting. I've heard about cake mascara but I've never tried it because I had no clue how to actually use it!


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