Monday, December 31, 2018

Birth Control: Femometer 3(ish) Month Update

Hey cupcakes! If you have been following me for quite some time, you will know that I have recently started using the Femometer as a form of birth control. I have been using this basal body thermometer for about 3 months now, so I wanted to update you all with what I am loving and not loving about this product in case any of you are thinking of using this product as well. 😊

What I'm (Still) Loving
-As I mentioned in my 1 Month Update post, this adds about 30 seconds to my daily routine, which made it super easy to incorporate to my morning routine. The product is also quite easy to use, and I have never had a hard time figuring out how to work the thermometer or the app.

-The more I have been using the thermometer and tracking my temperatures, the more I have been able to understand when my period is about to start, when I will be ovulating, etc. As someone who tends to break out with large pimples a few days before my period, this is AWESOME information because I am able to take preventative measures and treat my skin extra special so that my breakouts are minimal. Also, this allows me to increase my iron intake before my period as I tend to run low on it as I bleed. Basically, this product is a great way to better understand my body!! 😍

What I'm Not Loving So Much
-After about a month and a half of using the thermometer, the battery needed to be changed (a positive is that the app keeps track of the battery for you and lets you know when to change it!). I think it might have been because the thermometer was older or something, as the battery should have lasted a lot longer. However, this was an easy fix - I bought a new battery and it is still at three of three bars (so I should be set for quite some time!).

-The Femometer device instructions said that it should be able to record over a hundred temperature readings, but it didn't record one of the days last week... Which is kind of annoying but not a big deal. Because I like to see where my daily temps are relative to the previous day, I tend to sync up my Femometer to the app as part of my morning routine. This ensures that I know what is going on in my cycle. However, it is frustrating that it does not remember the data points if you forget to sync for the day.

Overall, I have been loving this device, and I would recommend all of you to start tracking your basal body temperatures... Even if you aren't going to use it as a form of birth control, it is a really great way to monitor your body - I have learned so much about my cycle that I never knew before! How do you keep track of your periods? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another post!

Jenna ♥

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Simple Ways to "Give" this Holiday Season

Hey cupcakes! I hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas with friends and family! 😊 As you might have noticed, I didn't post on Monday as I was spending some quality time at home with some people I haven't seen in awhile... But don't worry, I have lots of great posts in store for you all! In celebration of the holiday season, I wanted to share my favorite ways to give and be generous during this special time of year for this post today. Let's jump right into it!

1. Volunteer your time - Help out your community by volunteering at a warming shelter, serving/cooking food at a soup kitchen/homeless shelter, or utilizing your talents to help with a church nativity production. Volunteering is an easy, and fun, way to help those around you! 💖

2. Donate to the Salvation Army bell ringers - They stand in front of many major stores and all of the bell ringers are volunteers. If you don't want to volunteer yourself, consider donating all of your extra coins! I've written a whole post about why the Salvation Army is the best thrift store, so I always try to give to them during the holidays.

3. Do some winter cleaning - I know that spring cleaning is a thing, but try winter cleaning also! Now that new items have entered your life from Santa, family, friends, etc, consider sorting through some things to get rid of the old. Donate the things you don't need anymore to a thrift store, homeless shelter, church, etc.

4. Carol at a nursing home - Some nursing homes are just really sad during the holidays... So cheer up some elderly folks by caroling there with some friends! 🎶 From personal experience, this is super fun (and it doesn't even matter if you sound good haha).

5. "Give" kindness - Write thank you letters to people you haven't thanked in awhile, put nice notes in people's mailboxes that have great holiday lights/decorations, or bake cookies for your neighbors. Giving during the holidays can be as simple as that!

What are your favorite ways to give during the holidays? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post!

Jingle Jenna ❤

Friday, December 21, 2018

6 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas!

Hey cupcakes! I will be honest with you all: I didn't actually start holiday shopping until this Monday.... I was super busy with school and waited until all my exams were over, but, don't worry, I still got some great gifts for my family! :) That being said, I wanted to write a post about extremely last minute gifts that you can even pick up on your way to people's houses if you forget to find a present for them. I would recommend starting as early as possible (as the most thoughtful gifts get picked out this way!), but better late than never am I right?

1. Christmas cactus - I've always been a huge fan of incorporating nature into home decor, so why not purchase a Christmas cactus?! These bloom around Christmas/December, which will always remind the person of you when its colors are out. If you can't find one, Bonsai trees or any succulent will also make a perfect (sustainable!) gift.

2. Gift card - I know, I know, gift cards are pretty lame... But they are always an option, especially on a time crunch ;)

3. Money donated in their name(s) - If you are only going to spend about $20 on someone, why not donate that to a cause they are interested in? One of my friends loves elephants, so I donated to an Elephant Sanctuary in her name... She loved it!

4. Homemade dip/side dish - As Christmas cookies and other desserts typically dominate the holiday food scene, bring some sort of side dish with you! This will help the host who won't have to cook as much, as well as help the guests who don't want to eat millions of cookies.

Buy a cute dish and let them keep it!
5. Local business gift basket - I love shopping at my local downtown stores, so I suggest putting together a gift basket of your favorite products from the town you live in. This is a great gift if you are traveling to another city/state during the holiday, as it allows the people you love to experience your hometown. :)

6. Warm, snuggly blanket - Blankets are always a great gift because you can use them at home, in the car, at school, at work, etc. Plus, everyone loves to be warm in the winter!

What are your go-to last minute holiday gifts? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post!

Jingle Jenna <3

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Movie Review: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Release date: July 20th, 2018

Rating: PG-13

Hey cupcakes! A few weeks before finals, my university showed Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again for FREE. I had never seen it when it was in theaters, so a group of my friends went.... And we had a blast! :D Sure, the movie is many things: cheesy, silly, but an all around good time!

The original Mamma Mia was quite the movie when it came out, and I think this sequel did a really great job of sticking to the same over-the-top format. I enjoyed seeing the back story on Donna, but parts of the story were way to much to believe (but honestly, that made the movie even more entertaining). Like who knew CHER of all people would step out of a helicopter towards the end?!

I loved how the cast was basically doubled with the "younger" versions of the characters from the first film, and I even loved how they added in some hilarious background characters... Alexio and Apollonia will especially have a special place in my heart haha. :P

Just like the first, the ABBA music was seamlessly intertwined with the plot, and my friends and I really enjoyed singing along. :P I also thought that this movie was hilarious just because of how cheesy it is (and the dance moves are just goalssss). It was a great way to relieve some stress with lots of laughter!

Overall, if you liked the first Mamma Mia I would recommend checking this one out! I especially loved the "Super Trouper" ending during the credits where the old and new cast got to interact together:

While it isn't the best cinematic movie of all time, I thoroughly enjoyed it :) What did you think about Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another post!

Jenna the Super Trouper <3

Monday, December 17, 2018

Fashion: Cutest Holiday Sweaters of the Season

Hey cupcakes, I'm back! :) I am officially done with school for the semester, and I am super pumped that I only have one semester left! As I have been in the holiday mood now that I am home, I thought I would share the cutest holiday sweaters I have seen on the market this year. Holiday sweaters are a must have in my opinion, so let's jump right into it!

Traditional Burgundy Sweater (Amazon, $30) - Amazon is a great place to look for holiday sweaters, and I think this one is super cute! While it isn't funny/"ugly" in any way, I think it is perfect for the holidays (plus the price is hard to beat!).

Polar Bear Sweater (Macy's, $20) - I find animal holiday sweaters to be adorable, and I love the hat and sweater on this polar bear :D So cute!

Baa Humbug Sweater (Walmart, $38) - If you are looking for a typical "ugly" Christmas sweater, I suggest lower quality stores like Walmart, Target, Rue21, Forever 21, etc. Plus, they can be really funny!

Tree Rex Sweatshirt (Etsy, $18) - I have always been a huge crew-neck sweatshirt fan, so that is always a safe bet for a holiday top. This one has a dinosaur on it, which automatically makes it adorable. ;)

Snowman Sweatshirt (Forever21, $10) - Um, you can't go wrong with Frosty on your shirt in winter can you?

What is your favorite holiday sweater this season? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another post! :)

Jenna <3

Friday, December 7, 2018

Winter Post Suggestions ft. Finals

Hey cupcakes! My finals are here, and I have been super duper busy studying and working on presentations. Because of this, I have decided that I will be taking next week off in order to focus on the end of this semester. Doing so will allow me to not stress about one more thing... Never fear, I will be back with a post on December 17th (when my exams are completed hooray!), so it will be like I never left ;)

If you have any winter themed posts that you would like to see here on The Chic Cupcake, make sure to comment them below so that I can write them for you all! :D

See you on December 17th! Don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post!

Jenna <3

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

My Top 7 College Dining Hall Hacks!

Hey cupcakes! As a senior in college, I feel like I have learned all about the positives and negatives of dining halls :P I know that many of you are in/will be entering college, so I wanted to share my top hacks with you all today! Let's get started :)

1. Utilize the salad bar for all your veggie needs - You will never get this many vegetables prepared for you after you leave college, so I suggest eating from the salad bar as much as possible! As salads can get boring after awhile, I suggest using the vegetables to liven up side dishes or even steam them in the microwave. 

2. Make quesadillas in the panini press - I have never been a fan of sandwiches, so I avoided the panini press my freshman year. BUT, I missed out on some tasty quesadillas as you can use wraps and cheese/meat/beans/veggies from the salad bar to make some great quesadillas in the panini press :) It is also a super quick meal that you can take on the go! 

3. Avoid dessert every meal - The dining halls on my campus have desserts for lunches and dinners, which is dangerous for a sweet tooth. Limit yourself to dessert only once in awhile, as you can quickly gain weight this way.

4. Find the sauces! - Many dining halls have an area that has all the different sauces (soy, hot, sweet chili, etc.), and this is such an important spot to find.... While some food is supposed to be seasoned, it may be lacking in flavor.... so doctoring up your meals will make them more tasty! 

5. Try to avoid sugary beverages - Dining halls will have everything from soda to rice milk to coffee, but I suggest trying to drink water as much as possible... Don't get in the habit of drinking a soda with every meal or you will be stuck with this habit as an adult! 

6. Take out fruit when you can - Instead of smuggling out another cookie, I suggest taking an apple (or some other fruit) for late night cravings. This is much healthier and will help you focused on your studying. 

7. Eat at the dining hall as much as possible! - Meal plans are ungodly expensive, so use it as much as possible!!!! While eating out with your friends is fun every once in awhile, it is wasting the money you already spent on your meal plan.

What are your dining hall tips and tricks? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post! 

Jenna <3

Monday, December 3, 2018

Broadway Review: Something Rotten!

Hey cupcakes! I cannot believe it is December... Finals are approaching, and I am definitely ready for Winter Break! :) Today I wanted to do something fun, as I recently saw the traveling Broadway production of Something Rotten! and thought you all would enjoy my thoughts on it (plus writing a post like this is a great break from studying). Let's just get right into the review!

Now, I have always been a huge Broadway gal; I am up to three shows this year: Jersey Boys, Wicked, and now Something Rotten!. I did a review of Jersey Boys here on The Chic Cupcake, but for some reason I didn't do anything for Wicked (but if you want a post like this, I will totally do it for y'all!). I went into Something Rotten! with the basic idea that it was a parody of Shakespeare but boy was I wrong....

It was SO FUNNY! I laughed so hard throughout the whole show. :D The plot focuses on two brothers who want to compete with Shakespeare, and a soothsayer tells them that Shakespeare's most famous play will be "Omelette" instead of "Hamlet". To make it even funnier, the soothsayer also tells them that musicals will be the next big thing...

There are a bunch of subplots along with this major storyline, and everything was just SO clever. There were so many references to other musicals (Rent, The Sound of Music, Annie, Chorus Line, Fiddler on the Roof, etc. etc.) that it was just a hilarious and over the top show. 

And yes, there were dancing eggs :P

The songs are also so catchy (and again, hilarious). If you need a good laugh, check out their song "The Black Death" (too bad this video doesn't show the dancing grim reapers haha):

I think the characters were all really funny, and I appreciated all the puns, jokes, and amazing tap dancing. Overall, I would definitely recommend going to see this show if you are looking for a Broadway musical that will make you laugh non-stop and feel warm and fuzzy inside. :) 

What is your favorite Broadway musical? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another post! 

-Jenna <3
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