Thursday, February 14, 2019

Let's Get Laid: Sustainable Sex for V-Day! 😘

Hey cupcakes! Happy Valentine's Day! In my last post I discussed some fun date suggestions, but I missed one big thing: let's talk about sex baby... 🍆 Going on this zero waste journey has made me consider many aspects of my life, including how to get down and dirty in a sustainable way. To make it easier for you all, I thought I would share the best sustainable sex products I have found in my research!

1. Sustain condoms ($14) - The company Sustain is definitely one you should check out! Their condoms use Fair Trade latex, which harms the planet less than typical latex. As someone who believes in using condoms even though waste is created, this is definitely a brand I would recommend!

2. Maple Holistic water based lubricant ($11) - I have worked with Maple Holistics on The Chic Cupcake before, sharing my thoughts on their Argan Oil and Essential Oils throughout my anxiety journey... This company also has some lubes that are more natural compared to others, which is better for your body and the planet. 😀

3. Svala Lingerie - This company uses recycled and reclaimed lace (from fabric leftovers in other factories) to make some really gorgeous lingerie! I had never thought about the negative impacts of lingerie, but it is just like fast fashion, which is awful to the planet. This bra is on sale for $15, so I would recommend checking it out!

4. Pure Integrity Soy Candles - Normal candles are bad for the environment (rip those Bath and Body Work scents!), so I would recommend trying out soy candles if you need a candle fix. This family run business has some delicious scents (including Vanilla Almond YUM), and it isn't much more expensive than B&BW. 🔥

5. Glass or wood dildos - Who said sex toys can't be sustainable? While many are made of plastic, you can find plenty of glass or wood butt plugs, dildos, etc. Experiment to see what you like and what can add more pleasure to your sex life!

This g-spot dildo is only $30 on Adam & Eve!

6. LUSH Eggplant Bath Bomb ($7) - Wanna take a group bath? This bath bomb is super cute and  hilarious making it the perfect addition to some sexy time in the tub 😉

What products do you use to spice up your love life on Valentine's Day? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another post!

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  1. My goodness! This post is seriously eye opening. I never thought about the impact lingerie could have on the environment. Your posts are always so creative and informative.

    1. Thank you so much - I try really hard to make them as informative as possible. Thanks for always supporting The Chic Cupcake!
      -Jenna ♥
      The Chic Cupcake | The Chic Cupcake Instagram


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