Thursday, April 25, 2019

I Gave Up YouTube for 46 Days?! 😲

Hey cupcakes! For Lent this year, I decided to give up YouTube. This was similar to last year where I gave up all social media, so I wanted to share my thoughts on what I learned throughout this experience. 😀

1. It was hard, real hard. I know I also struggled in the beginning of Lent last year, but I wasn't prepared for how difficult this would be. I usually use YouTube to take study breaks so it was hard for me to break this habit (the way to go was definitely getting a website blocker extension on Google Chrome!). However, I am proud to say that I was able to give up YouTube for all 46 days!!

2. My friends were great support systems. I let them know up front that I would be giving it up for Lent, and they were super helpful in keeping me accountable. They would also stop talking about the movie trailers or videos they watched whenever I joined in on a conversation in order to make me still feel included (which was so adorable - they are the best!). Having a good support base is so important when making big changes in your life, so make sure you have people who will call you out if you aren't doing what you are supposed to do!

3. I had SO much more time for other things. I didn't realize how much time I spent watching videos, but I found that during these 46 days I was able to read more, be more social, and spend more time blogging. 😊 These activities are more productive and beneficial to my life, so I'd rather do them than watch a YouTube video any day!

4. I don't NEED YouTube. On Easter morning I logged back into the site, scrolled around, and then decided to log back out. There were no videos that I felt I absolutely needed to watch, which was so interesting to me. Every time I watch one video I end up watching a ton that are usually unrelated (or I find one that is remotely interesting after refreshing the page a couple of times). I think this shows that I am watching videos on YouTube because it is just something to do, not because the videos are super important to me. However:

5. It is still going to take work to stop watching so many videos on YouTube. My goal was to not use the platform for 46 days and then I would be cured of my YouTube "addiction". But even though Lent is over, I have reverted back to my old habits of scrolling and watching and scrolling and watching - which is not good! I am more conscious of these behaviors after the 46 days, but I may decide to block YouTube again if I continue to struggle with this in the future. Overall, this was an interesting experience, and I think it will help me make better choices in the future.

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  1. WOAH. You are seriously so so impressive. I actually watch way too much YouTube literally every day (from TV shows to makeup videos, vloggers, etc) and I can barely even keep up with my subscriptions. The fact that you were able to stick to So amazing!

  2. You're a strong cookie - I don't think I could do it. I love YouTube!

    Angela |


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