Friday, June 7, 2019

Collective Thrift & Yard Sale Haul

Hey cupcakes! The last time I did a thrift haul was almost a year ago, which is crazy because I have definitely done a lot of thrifting from last August until now. Along with that collective haul, you all seemed to really like my Thrift Shopping Tips and Tricks post as well... So look forward to more thrift hauls and posts in the future (as I am kinda obsessed with watching hauls on YouTube or reading hauls on blogs)! 🛍

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1. Express Button Down (Small, $2.99) - When decluttering my closet, I realized that I have absolutely no long sleeve dress shirts to wear to work. I figured I would keep an eye out for one, and this adorable pin-strip blue and white shirt from Express jumped out at me on a recent trip to Salvation Army. It fits perfectly, and there are many different ways I will be able to style it!

2. American Eagle Jeans (8, Free!) - Yup, that's right these were FREE! 😯 I went to a clothing swap in my town and picked up these adorable jeans from American Eagle. They had obviously been shrunk in the wash as the legs of the jeans were shorter than they should have been, so I decided to turn them into shorts! If you all want a post about how to DIY your own denim shorts, let me know!

3. Old Navy Tunic (Extra Small, $1.50) - While the photo makes it seem like this tunic is green, it is actually a dark grey color. I loved it because it will not only be a perfect tunic to wear with leggings but it is also dressy enough for me to tuck it into a pencil skirt for work. 😊

4. H&M Jade Green Shorts (6, Free!) - I also got these shorts at the clothing swap (they were already shorts). I think dark green is such a pretty color for bottoms, so I can't wait to rock these this summer!

5. Arvin 1967 Radio ($10) - I found this little radio at a yard sale and fell in love with how vintagey it looks! I bought it for decoration purposes only, but my dad was extremely excited to see if he could actually get it to work. After soldering parts of the battery pack back together, I am proud to say that this radio is now decorative AND fully functional! 🎉

6. Rectangle frames (2 for $0.50) - I unfortunately don't have any pictures of what the frames looked like before I spray painted them for my Vintage Postcard Display Frame DIY... Oops! But I absolutely love how they turned out 😍 I obviously also bought these vintage postcards at an antique store.

7. Boy with an Umbrella Painting ($1) - This is definitely the randomest purchase from this haul, but when I saw it I just knew I needed to buy it. The painting itself is adorable, so I will need to find a space for it when I move into my apartment (maybe the bathroom?). 😊

What have you purchased recently at a yard sale or thrift store? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another post!


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  1. I love to Thrift shop! I will go to the second hand store rack up and then go to the department store. Love your picks.

  2. I love going to charity shops and car boot sales for a bargain. You got some great items here? My favourites are the jeans turned shorts and the tunic.


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