Friday, July 26, 2019

The Verdict on Birkenstocks

Hey muffins! I am not certain if I have ever talked about this on my blog, but I have flexible flat feet. 🦶 This means that as soon as my feet touch the ground as I am walking, my arches go completely flat instead of staying in their typical shape. To combat the negative effects of this issue for my knees and legs, I wear inserts in my shoes that force my arches to stay arched.

These inserts fit in most pairs of shoes, so it has never been much of a problem for me; however, it is especially annoying during the summer months. Wearing sandals and flip flops for even more than an hour would make my legs super sore all night, so I usually would stick to wearing my sneakers and Keds. 😒 That is, until I recently decided to see if Birkenstocks were worth the money...

I can remember clear as day in middle school when Birkenstock clogs became all the rage...

Me in middle school

Back in those days, I remember my friends raving about how comfortable they were even though I thought they were pretty dang ugly. 😬 There is also no denying that they would not let my arches fall, as the hard cork bottom is definitely incomparable to any other sandal that has literally no support. I feel like the style of Birkenstocks have also improved over time, as they actually have a bunch of different options.

I went to a local shoe store and fell in love with the Mayari Birko-Flor sandals in "Golden Brown". They not only look like pretty "normal" sandals, but I also think they go well with the Earth Muffin vibe I have here on Life of an Earth Muffin. After spending $99 on them (yupp - they aren't cheap!), I went home and hoped that they would be worth it...

And they are! While they might not be everyone's style, I absolutely LOVE my Birkenstocks. 😊 I wear them almost every single day! They fit almost perfectly (which is weird because I got a size 6 when I am usually a 7.5) and are so comfortable. My feet don't hurt, I don't need to wear my inserts, and I finally get to embrace some sandals in the sunny weather. 🎉 If you have been thinking about getting yourself some Birks, I would recommend it 100%!

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