Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Fashion: 1st Day of School Outfit Essentials Fall 2019

Hey muffins! My first day of school is just around the riverbend (yikes!), and I am definitely not prepared to start studying again. 😬 I am, however, excited to bust out some of my fall fashion essentials that haven't been worn in quite some time. Even though I personally didn't go back to school shopping this year (because your girl owns way too many clothes already), I wanted to share the cutest first day of school outfit essentials that I have seen in stores and online for fall 2019! 🥰 Let's jump right into it!

*Levi Denim Jacket (Ragstock, $35) - Ragstock is an Ann Arbor classic, but I love that you can purchase their vintage and recycled clothing online if you don't have a store near you! Denim jackets have always been a back to school classic for me and getting a vintage one for $35 is hard to beat. 🙌

*Plaid skirt (ThredUp/ASOS, $18) - This skirt gives me major Clueless vibes, and I personally love to rock a nice plaid on the first day of school (probably because I had a uniform in middle school 😅). You could definitely dress a skirt like this down with a jean jacket or go full out 90's with a blazer!

*Black flats (Rothy's, $125) - After buying myself my first pair of Birkenstocks (and falling in love with them!), I have been more interested in shoes... Flats are one of my go-to shoes for school, so I would definitely get a lot of use out of these! Plus, they are made with plastic waste(!!), which is just incredible.

*Barrettes (Etsy, $8) - The barrette trend is all the rage currently, and I love how this barrette in particular has the moon phases on it. 🙃 Ready for science class everyone?

*Kanken Mini Backpack (Fjallraven, $98) - These backpacks are everywhere... And I love that the company has a huge focus on sustainability! While I won't be purchasing one (as I have been using the same backpack since senior year of high school), these are a great way to look cute at school. 😊

What are you going to be wearing on the first day of school? Comment below and don't forget to follow Life of an Earth Muffin to never miss another post!


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  1. I like the barette one :D ! It's so cool how it's the phases of the moon!

  2. Love your picks!

    check my post


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