Monday, November 11, 2019

DIY: How to Make Easy Fabric Hair Bows!

Hey earth muffins! As you all saw in my Halloween Costume post, I made a bow out of thrifted fabric for my Mary Poppins costume. I learned how to make fabric bows all the way back in middle school when I loved using scraps of fabric to make cute hair accessories that I could wear with my school uniform. 😊 If you are looking to learn how to make your own fabric bows, you came to the right post - it's time to get crafty!

A picture of a hot pink hair bow with the words No Sew Easy Fabric Bows across it
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What You Need:
-Fabric (check out your local thrift stores for extremely cheap scraps of fabric!)
-Hot glue or needle and thread

What To Do:
1. Pick out the perfect fabric. It will be harder to fold the bow at the end if you are using a thick fabric, but make sure that the fabric isn't too thin either or it won't be able to hold its shape!

2. Cut out a rectangle. I have found that the perfect bows require longer rectangles with shorter sides... But if you want to make a wide bow, then you can always make the rectangle wider!

3. Sew/hot glue the long edges down so that the frayed bits are hidden.

A picture of a piece of red fabric with the long edges of it glued down; a step in making a fabric bow

4. Fold the short sides into the center. Sew/hot glue in place.

A picture of a piece of red fabric being folded into a bow
Note: this fabric is WAY too wide, but I just used it to easily show the folds 👌 

5. Starting from one edge, accordion style fold the fabric until you get to the other side. Make sure that the end of both edges face the same direction so that they can be hidden on the back of the bow. Note: this is the trickiest step, so play around with the folds until your bow looks the way you want it!

A picture of a piece of red fabric being folded into a bow, using an accordion style fold
Back of bow after accordion fold

6. Sew/hot glue the folds (I recommend doing it on both side!) so that the bow shape holds.

7. Cut out a long, skinny rectangle. This will be used for the center of the bow. 🎀

8. Sew/hot glue the long edges down.

9. Wrap around the middle (to hide what you did in step 6) and sew/hot glue in place.

10. Attach any bobby pins, hair clips, etc. Ta-da! A quick and easy fabric bow! 😄

A picture of a finished hair bow, made of red polka dot fabric

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