Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Review: The Lincoln Log Plaid Holiday Dress from Shinesty

Hey earth muffins! In three days I will be done with my last fall semester EVER! 😱 It's crazy to think that I only have four months of school left in my whole entire life - I am very excited to say the least! To get myself into the Christmas spirit, I thought it would be fun to share a review with you all of this delightful plaid dress from Shinesty... ❤️💚 Let's jump right into it!

What I LOVE:
1. The pattern - Everything about this dress screams the holidays, and I absolutely love that! I am a huge fan of "ugly" Christmas sweaters, holiday themed leggings, and everything in-between, so this pattern definitely gives out some holiday cheer. However, I also love that it doesn't have Santa or reindeer or anything like that on it, as it gives you more opportunity to wear it outside of the holiday season. 👌

2. Long sleeves! A lot of the dresses I own have tank top or short sleeves, which means I am forced to wear a cardigan or jacket when I style the dress. It is winter, so I love that there are long sleeves to keep me warm (as I tend to get cold pretty easily)!

3. The wrap dress style - I love the wrap dress trend, as it fits so many different body shapes and sizes. I stan a versatile garment that doesn't just support the "skinny girl" body stereotype!!

4. The fabric is thick - It seems like the quality of fast fashion garments continues to go down, so I was quite shocked at how thick this dress is. A bonus for keeping me warm in the cold weather 👍

5. The brand is hilarious - I mentioned Shinesty back in my Black Friday post where I featured the leg lamp kimono they sell.... In general, this brand is hilarious with their product line. Their clothing tags say "No MSG added" which made me laugh for probably too long. I would definitely recommend checking out all of the obscure products they sell! 🙃

What Could Be Better:
1. The price - I'm probably just not used to paying good money for clothes now that I thrift 99% of my wardrobe, but I think the prices are kinda high... However, the quality of the actual dress is much better than other websites I've purchased from in the past, so that does signal for a higher price.

2. Only a one season dress - Being on a journey to zero waste, I try to buy clothes that can be worn in multiple seasons. As this dress automatically makes me think of the holidays when I see it, I definitely will only get use of it during a couple months of the year.

3. A bit low cut for me - This is most likely due to the fact that I got a bigger size than usual to ensure that it was long enough and that my boobs are really small. 😂 Just thought I would mention it!

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*Disclaimer: I was gifted this dress, but all opinions are my own!*

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  1. I really love that you looked at this objectively. Showing both the pros and cons. I absolutely love the print and the style (because I am addicted to holiday themed items) but you are right that it's only something you can wear during one season, so it would be limiting!


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