Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Sustainable Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Hey cupcakes! Mother's Day is right around the corner (if you aren't aware, it is this Sunday!). As you should always do something special for your mom on this holiday, I thought I would share some sustainable gifts to give that your mom (and the planet) will love! 🎁

1. Brunch or dinner to her favorite place - My family loves to celebrate holidays with special food, so treat your mother to one of her favorite places to eat! No need to buy a cake in plastic or ingredients to make a meal when you can go where she will enjoy it best 😀

2. Ethique hair and body products - Treat your mom to an at-home spa day! I recently reviewed Ethique's Heali Kiwi shampoo bar, and I absolutely love their hair masks. My mom is always concerned that her hair is too dry after blow drying it, so I got her this Bloom hair mask to give it some nourishment. Feel free to check out Ethique's other masks too!

3. Potted plant - Instead of giving flowers that will just die in a few days, try getting a plant in a ceramic or glass pot (avoid any plastic pots please!). These are great additions to the home and make excellent centerpieces on the dining room table. 🌷

4. Reusable bags for the market - Now that the weather is finally getting nice, the farmer's market in my city is about to open. To make sure your mom is shopping in style and saving the planet too, get her some reusable grocery and/or produce bags!

5. Homemade goodies in a glass container - If you know your mom loves your chocolate chip scones or triple chocolate brownies, why not make them for her? Pack them up all cute in a glass container, and let her check both the treats and the box! 👍

What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another post!


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  1. These are some lovely ideas for mum's or other females in your life. I'd love someone to bake me cookies lol, or take me out for the day.


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