Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Review: Clean-Faced Cosmetics Foundation Powder

Hey cupcakes! I posted on my Instagram recently that I purchased the Clean-Faced Cosmetics Foundation Powder in the shade "Light". After using their zero waste mascara religiously (and featuring it in my How to Use Cake Mascara post), I thought that I should try out their powder and see how I like it to continue on my journey towards zero waste. After using it for a month or so, I wanted to share my thoughts with you all today 😃

~Keeps me matte almost all day: I was worried that a natural product wouldn't work like a "normal" powder, but this keeps my skin matte almost all day! 👍 It definitely does his job!
~Perfect amount of coverage: I don't like a lot of coverage, so this powder is the perfect one for me. If you are used to a lot of coverage I would suggest using a foundation as well, but it can definitely be used by itself.
~Made with wayyyyy less ingredients/chemicals: This powder has three components (kaolin, tapioca starch, and cocoa powder) versus the 27 in the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder (aka the old powder I used to use).
~Feels better on my skin: I don't know if it was the Neutrogena powder specifically, but my skin never felt that great when I was wearing powder. My pores felt suffocated, so I am so happy that this one feels so light on my face! 🎉
~Price: You literally cannot go wrong with a powder that is less than $10!!!
~Doesn't break me out: Maybe this goes back to the pores being suffocated, but this powder helps keep my skin clear (which I of course appreciate!). I have had sensitive skin my whole life, so it was super exciting that I found a powder that doesn't make me breakout.

~A bit tricky to use: The powder is loose and comes in a metal tin which makes it a bit difficult to use. However, after you figure out the way that works for you this isn't an issue at all. 😁
~Often lose product when you open the tin: Again, this goes back to how it is packaged... Especially if you travel and the powder gets moved around, you will lose a bit of powder when you open the tin. To counter this, I have found that hitting it on the counter a few times allows it to settle.

Overall, I would definitely suggest you check out the Powder Foundation from Clean-Faced Cosmetics! I think it is an excellent powder in general AND you get to be sustainable while using it (truly a win win)!

^Laura, the Etsy shop owner
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  1. Wow, only three components is wonderful! It's great that you really know what the ingredients are. Thank you for this!


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