Monday, August 26, 2019

My Tips for Scoring on Facebook Marketplace!

Hey muffins! As many of you already know, I recently moved into an apartment for grad school... While I wrote an exhaustive list of everything to pack in a recent post, I surprisingly did not have everything on that list when I moved in. 🤔 Moving to campus this early is awesome because many students are just about to move out, which means Facebook Marketplace gets a lot more listings! My roommate and I were able to find some great deals on Marketplace (including a super nice dining room table for only $45!), so I wanted to share my top tips for scoring big with you all today! 🎉

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1. Only start looking when you are able to pick up/purchase - When I knew we were looking for certain pieces of furniture, I started looking on Facebook a week or so before we were set to move in. People will definitely not wait for you to pick things up and will just sell to someone else, so don't even bother looking until you are able to get in the car and go get the goods.

2. Keep watching the "Recently Added" feed - People post things all throughout the day, so make sure you never miss a listing that you will be interested in!

3. Jump fast with offers- If you are even remotely interested in the listing, contact the seller as soon as possible! Getting some clarifying information will allow you to make a decision before the item is either sold or you buy it. If you know that you would like to buy it, immediately message the seller and ask them when they would like you to pick it up so that they don't sell it to someone else!

4. Be wary of making counter offers - Items that are extremely popular, low-priced, or recently listed will sell quickly, so don't even bother trying to get a discount... The seller will just give it to someone who is willing to pay full price! However, if the item has been on Facebook Marketplace for awhile feel free to do some negotiating!

5. If you message a seller and decide not to purchase, let them know! - This makes the selling process so much easier, so don't be a ghost 👻

6. Don't buy everything - There are definitely some amazing deals on Facebook Marketplace (I saw some lady selling a 50 piece Tupperware set for $5!!), but that doesn't mean you should purchase it all. Especially if you are trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, take care to think if a) you really need the item and if b) the item is built to last.

7. Make sure to clean everything - Just like I mentioned in my tips for thrift shopping post, wash/clean the items you purchase right away. These items are still secondhand and can be from someone's basement, so make sure there is no dirt or dust before you bring it into your home. 😊

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  1. Oh this is so helpful! I've never tried to do anything on Facebook marketplace because I wasn't totally sure how it would work. Thanks for this!


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