Monday, October 21, 2019

Minimizing Waste When Eating Fast Food 🍔

Hey muffins! When I first started my journey towards living zero waste, I realized that low waste living and fast food do not mix. I wouldn't say I ate fast food a lot, but I definitely would eat it whenever I traveled or was busy and didn't have any other options on campus. When making steps towards living sustainably, it is important to remember that you can't be perfect - and that you are allowed to eat fast food if you want! Here are some of my personal tips to reduce waste when eating at your fave fast food places 😀

A photo with a cheeseburger on a black background with the words Low Waste Fast Food
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1. Order it for "here" instead of "to go". Instead of getting your food in a bunch of unnecessary packaging, you can then either take the food and leave or eat it in the restaurant.

2. Use your own utensils and napkins! This is an easy swap when making your kitchen zero waste, so I definitely suggest doing the same when you eat out.

A picture of a set of bamboo eating utensils for zero waste dining

3. Put sauces on your food inside the restaurant to avoid single use packages... OR bring your own containers to fill up inside to use on the go!

4. Bring your own water bottle to avoid all the plastic cups and straws. This will also ensure you are staying healthy and not drinking all of those nasty sugary beverages.

5. Know the menu and order what comes in the least packaging. If the burgers come in plastic, maybe opt for the fish sandwich that comes in a recyclable cardboard box.

A picture of a fish sandwich in a cardboard box

6. Order the vegetarian options!! Fast food and unsustainable meat practices go hand-in-hand, so avoid what you can by ordering the veggie options. Some of my personal choices are the vegetarian bean burritos from Taco Bell and the veggie burger at Burger King. 🤗

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  1. Love live live this post, I think a lot of people could take not of this! I recently invested in reusable eco friendly cutlery which has a nice little pouch to put them in and it came with some bio-degradable wipes for when you use them! Great little thing. I don't eat meat anymore (Yay) so I'm all about the vegan or vegatarian options now.

    Jordanne ||


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